Christmas Postcards & Holiday Postcards 2023 (2023)

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Minted makes sending Christmas or holiday postcards very easy, yet still chic, in many ways. Our postcards start as low as $1.30 each, making them affordable as well. Plus, with no envelope, you not only have a stamp-and-send card, but also an eco-friendly alternative because of the paper you will save.

You might send traditional Minted Christmas cards to your inner circle and choose holiday postcards for business colleagues and distant relatives — or make a Christmas postcard the new tradition you start in 2023! Either way, Christmas photo postcards give you festive options.


There are many ways you can save time, money, and effort on your Christmas postcards when you order from Minted. First, start with your front postcard design. This is the most fun part! At Minted, there are so many designs to choose from with different appealing aspects to each one. Choose from photo or non-photo, portrait or landscape, multi-photo cards, various style themes, and so much more. Minted features designs from our 10,000+ community of independent artists, so you are sure to find a Christmas postcard that stands out from the usual holiday greeting fare.

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The best place to start is by deciding if you want to feature a photo on your postcard. Select Christmas photo postcards if you want to show off a special holiday family photo you have taken, some great vacation pics or yearly photos that track your family’s growth. Non-photo holiday postcard designs are a great option if you want a more design-based look. You could go for the best of both worlds and add a photo to the back of Christmas postcards that feature holiday imagery on the front.

If you've decided you want to showcase more than one photo, you can filter by how many photo slots you need. Select your preferred layout from 0 (for non-photo), to 1, 2, 3, or up to 4+ picture slots, and you’ll quickly see your options filtered to exactly what you want and need for your Christmas postcard. Thankfully, if you can’t decide on which family photo to feature on your card, you can choose to include a collection!


Quickly look through the different design categories and themes using the filters listed at the top of this shopping page. Are you feeling a minimalist or modern look? Do you love to see your family photo surrounded by holiday botanicals and greens? A classic design is always in style for the season as well. Filter through the different options to easily and quickly get a sense of what your holiday postcard style is. This will make narrowing down your options a lot easier.

One last tip is to also filter for whether you want a landscape or portrait design. This may not be as important if you want a Christmas photo postcards that features a collage of photos. However, if you are putting one main photo on the front of your postcard, it's most likely important that the layout suits the photo’s orientation. With so many design options, you won’t have to compromise any aspect of your postcard design to accommodate your best family photo.

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Next, customize your postcard with any greeting you are comfortable sharing with your loved ones. Nearly all Minted Christmas cards can be altered to say the right greeting you need, be it “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year.” Religious greetings are options as well. You can also get creative and create your own holiday postcard greeting! Take a look at some common holiday sayings to draw inspiration and spark your imagination.

As you continue working on your personalized Christmas postcard design, note all the colors and foil colors you can choose from. Accenting your holiday card with gold, silver, rose gold, green, or red foil creates a distinguished look that literally shines compared to others. Minted has put together multiple color options, but if your heart is set on a different palette for your holiday postcards, simply leave comments in the special requests box and a design associate will work to make your design exactly how you want it.

For the back of your Christmas postcard, each design has two options. On the left-hand side, your first option is text only. This is a perfect opportunity to update your loved ones on your family’s year. You’ll also be able to customize the text with the perfect color to match the front design. Select a traditional or fun font that you think brings to life your copy, then adjust the size so it properly fits the available space. The second option for your backer includes just a few lines of copy and space for one photo. This is an excellent choice if you have one more photo you want to add or if you selected a non-photo design for the front of your holiday postcard.

Rest assured that our design associates will review your personalized Christmas postcards so that they look perfect before sending you a final proof to approve.

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Minted also includes free return addressing for both backer styles in the upper left-hand corner. Hopefully, none of your holiday postcards get returned. But if they do, they will easily be sent back to you so that you’ll know your recipient never received their holiday postcard.

The next thing to take advantage of while making your Christmas postcard is Minted’s free recipient addressing service. Upload your addresses with our Address Assistant and we’ll add them to your postcards for you. If you still need to collect or update addresses for your Christmas postcards, you can also go into your Address Assistant and have Minted send your family or friend an email asking them to update or add their mailing address. We think this tool will help make sending your holiday cards easy as peppermint pie!


All Minted’s Christmas postcards are printed on our Signature Paper. This is a thick, luxurious stock in an off-white hue with a creamy cotton texture that Minted has offered for the past 12 years. This Signature Paper is crafted exclusively for Minted by the papermakers at Mohawk. with 130 lb. weight and, 19.3 point thickness. These holiday postcards may be a smart and budget-savvy option, but they will still have a wonderful high-quality feel.

Look to add a little extra flair to your holiday postcards by adding a holiday-themed stamp. The USPS sells many different winter and Christmas stamps that you can easily adhere to your Minted postcards.

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When ordering your holiday postcards through Minted this year, take pride in the fact that you are supporting an independent artist. In addition to supporting the artisans of the world, you’re also choosing from best-in-class designs. All Minted’s designs are constantly refreshed throughout the year. Artists from around the world submit their work to our design challenges, which the public and fellow artists vote on to tell Minted which designs they love the most. Artists receive prizes for winning the design challenges, and they also receive a commission every time their design is purchased through the Minted website.


Using Minted’s list of pro tips and tricks to assist in making your own Christmas postcards, you can create that perfect piece of mail to send to all your friends and family this holiday season. They are a budget-savvy option that saves time, effort, and money while maintaining the connections you crave. Choose to order as few as 25 or as many as 5,000, depending on your recipient list size. Ordering holiday postcards from Minted means your season’s greeting will be the best in design and quality, sure to bring a smile to everyone who receives it.

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