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  1. Rebecca Hargis

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (5)

    May 16, 2023

    A great listener

    My favorite professional player Reflet is simply outstanding. He is always in contact (communication is essential! For me, at least it is), A great listener, and can always complete his work quickly (which is equally important). My guardians are in good hands of Reflet at the helm. It's not a problem since I'm sure all will be handled professionally. I've worked with other professionals before, and they've been great. However, once I discovered Reflet,, I was sure we'd work well together. Reflet is highly recommended. Reflet You won't regret the decision. No, I've never!!

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  2. Andrea Kelly


    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (6)

    May 14, 2023

    Support is highly accommodating

    I've utilized this website's products numerous times over the years and always have received prompt replies. I would recommend them to everyone!! Support is highly accommodating and can help establish a sense of confidence in all transactions.

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  3. Noah Rabbani

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (7)

    May 13, 2023

    Pro was aware

    Pro was aware of what to do before entering the next area and informed you of any dangers that may be coming up. I hadn't played the game for a while and finally chose to buy the platinum before deleting the game. While I was feeling rusty and didn't know how to proceed, Pro ensured I didn't get shockededed when I learned what was coming and created the game to understand the expectations before entering the new zone.

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  4. Jason Chesebrough

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (8)

    May 11, 2023

    Professional players

    Support staff and professional players and staff all show respect and are incredibly accommodating. I've dealt with various people, and everyone has been a pleasure to work with. I'd never think of going for a different company.

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  5. John Dimatteo

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (9)

    May 10, 2023

    Highly trustworthy

    Scene 90 is an excellent, highly trustworthy, and honest—10/10 player. Scene 90 took me through the final day in perfect He played perfect pool and showed patience. ,God will bless him.

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  6. Glenn Martin

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (10)

    May 9, 2023

    The professional player

    This is my third experience with this service, and on the two occasions before, I was thrilled with LF Support for Carry and the professional player who helped me obtain the item I was looking for.

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  7. Anne Turner

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (11)

    Apr 21, 2023


    It's not possible

    If a sales representative says, "It's pretty much guaranteed within 10 hours," the thing they are referring to means, "We'll take your money, and in 12 short hours, you'll have no money and no boost!" In reality, why do you promote an item you cannot offer and then be a liar about the fact that it's not possible? If your business needs money, you could try a GoFundMe instead. It would indicate that nothing would be gained if we sent you cash.

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  8. Pixie Arches

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (12)

    Apr 8, 2023

    Courteous and friendly

    The professional player was courteous and friendly. They were quick and efficient in communicating. They also informed me of the required weapons to finish the purchase quickly if I already have them. This is not the first time I have used your company, and certainly not the previous one.

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  9. Wanda Landers

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (13)

    Jan 9, 2023

    I highly recommend them.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the quick and professional services that I received. Everything I asked for was done to the letter, and I can confidently say that these are the best services I have received. I highly recommend them.

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  10. Carolyn Smith

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (14)

    Dec 20, 2022

    I would definitely recommend these companies.

    I was tempted to try it initially, but then I was contacted by a person known as Ghost, who explained everything to me, gave me time to explain, and was patient when I asked a silly question. Despite my hesitation to go ahead with the purchase. However, I considered it and proceeded to place my order. Everyone was pleasant, and my professional is currently working on suggestions. I have had a positive experience with Ghost and Topdevice being on my order. Everything was flawless, from the pre-sale as well as the troubleshooting and process of service. I would recommend these companies.

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  11. Tania Creamer

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (15)

    Dec 18, 2022

    The ordering process was easy

    The ordering process was easy, and I had an employee from LFCarry supporting me even before I had completed the procedure. I was immediately engaged in the Discord discussion with the LFC team and one of the professional gamers. I received regular updates regarding the order process and could play whenever desired. The order was processed in just five days. (World of Warcraft ILVL-up) We will purchase it once more!

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  12. Scott Spanburgh

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (16)

    Dec 12, 2022

    The overall experience, I'm disappointed.

    At the moment, I'm giving them a one-star rating. When I logged in at nine this morning, they warned that it could take six hours to locate an agent. This is fine. However, it's only 12 hours now. I started a support chat over one hour back... 30- 60 minutes of waiting and no response. The overall experience, I'm disappointed.

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  13. Cindy Brandt

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (17)

    Dec 11, 2022

    I was ignored...not I would recommend this kind of crap

    From the beginning right from the start, their website would not allow me to add my details at all, so they had to add them manually; I waited for the entire day for nothing to take place other than them saying sorry, and then my order was lost the next day; the site wouldn't let me login yet, and so on for them to respond. To finish off the day, the following day, I was ignored...not that I would recommend this kind of crap

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  14. Hussein Mikhel

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (18)

    Dec 9, 2022

    False advertisement

    The ETA's of this company don't match the amount of wait time consumers, as the customers must endure. A 1-3hr wait time can be turned into a 24-hour, or even longer, waiting period (false advertisement). Support (bots) all have the same language and offer little help. They'll accept your payment, but be aware that you'll have to wait for days or hours until they locate a "pro" player suitable for your purchase. Maybe this is all to get customers to sign up for the "VIP" subscription...

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  15. Carol Aycock

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (19)

    Dec 5, 2022

    They aren't adhering to the rules they have put in place.

    Horrible. I've purchased 20 items from this company in the last year. What I can say is awful support—a very long wait time. In several instances, receiving my order took me more than 24 hours. There have been times when charges weren't even finished but marked as complete. I've been waiting on support for over an hour after waiting for yet another 24 hours for my order. They claim 3-6 hours, but it's been 26 hours. They aren't adhering to the rules they have put in place.

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  16. Frank Guillen

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (20)

    Dec 4, 2022

    They refused to accept it even after I placed the order.

    I purchased WOW (Mythic flights and raids). They offer various pilot services, but the pros would not do the job. I requested a refund and am still getting an answer. I have contacted the credit card company to examine the charges now. The customer service is poor. There are better companies for WoW I have previously used. The appeal was to get the piloted work. However, they refused to accept it even after I placed the order.

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  17. Bob Wright

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (21)

    Dec 3, 2022

    They treat regular customers as if they were a joke

    They now have an upgraded system. They treat regular customers as if they were a joke. They aren't accessible, and it takes more than five hours to receive a response or response. The purchase I made will expire before they can complete the purchase.

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  18. Tasnim Kaiser

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (22)

    Dec 2, 2022

    I made two purchases on Friday evening

    I made two purchases on Friday evening, EST, for the same service but different accounts. I waited more than 24 hours before contacting support. I was assured that the orders would be processed with a reset. The wait has been more than three days. One of the orders was assigned and finished today. The other remains. It takes 14 hours to reset. I'm not optimistic that things will be completed on time. In addition, the completed one was made an hour after the original one was still awaiting, which tells me the order was not placed according to plan.

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  19. Judith Blanton

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (23)

    Dec 1, 2022

    Complete trash company

    If I could get less than a star, I would—complete trash company. Three times in succession, it took three days or more to find a customer, with a guaranteed time for waiting was 3 hours. They then ignore your messages and do not make yelp their customers. Most likely, they will provide you with a few dollars to use on their website.

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  20. Anthony Reese

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (24)

    Jul 7, 2022

    Great transaction and very efficient

    I experienced an issue connecting to the pro-player chat room; however, the support team was able to help me access the chat room to chat with the pro player, and I am thankful. Overall, a great transaction and very efficient. I'll be making more orders shortly.

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  21. Gorilla Stonk

    LFCarry Reviews, May 2023 - 99Consumer (25)

    Jun 1, 2022

    Service staff, pro and professional

    I would love to have all of my experiences worked like this service staff, pro and professional ! They assisted me in figuring out my order, guided me through placing my order, and completed it without stress .

    Laser show, these people have a great time! My professional was tremendous, and I'm looking to have them again. The experience was excellent and I can't wait to see my next appointment!

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