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The first thing that comes to people's mind to increase revenue through the blog or app is by ad monetization. The concept of ad monetization is to generate revenue consistently based on the performance of blog traffic and placement of banner ads, text ads, Native ads, pop up ads, Conversion, App installs, cross channel ads, and other modes of monetization. It is the most important way to gain revenue at the beginning; it doesn't generate overnight income because it takes lots of effort, consistency, and time to build it.

When you compare desktop and mobile, mobile dominates the world marketing in generating revenue than desktop-based ad monetization. There is a rise in ad formats by different publishers, they provide unique ways of revenue stream rather than coming with the same ad monetization standards. Every Publisher ad networks are taking challenges to boost the revenue of the publisher's websites so that they can increase overall consumers and increase their revenue as well.

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There is a completely on growing demand for publisher ad-marketplaces and each publisher is developing unique ad monetization types to boost their revenue at the same time they are giving tough competition to other ad networks. So the website owners can switch from one publisher to another publisher ad network to boost his website revenue. In the future, we can see more and more opportunities for people who are looking to monetize website ad revenue.

So what does ad monetization mean?

Ad monetization means is to generate revenue by placing an ad on the website or app. When the pageviews and CTR increase, so automatically the ad revenue also increases. These ads are provided by publisher ad networks by placing a javascript code on a website blog or app to show ads for the users. The revenue is completely based on the performance of the blog or app.

Types of ad formats

i. PPC ads - The PPC ads are like text ads placed in a particular space of the web page where users can click and site owners increase their revenue.

ii. Banner Ads - The banners are display ads where the visitors see an image in a particular space of the webpage. So when the users click they are redirected to a third-party page.

iii. Interstitial Ads - Nowadays interstitial ads are very popular for smaller publisher ad networks, so they cover the entire page like pop ads. It is the full-screen ad formats When the visitor clicks, it is redirected to the third-party page.

iv. Native ads - It is one of the paid advertising formats like paid content like articles, infographics, videos, and so on. They look and feel rich ad-media on a high niche content webpage.

v. Video ads - It is a type of promotional content that is completely shown in the video format, where it plays during streaming the content on the page or after a few seconds of loading a webpage.

vi. PopUp ads - It is a type of online advertising that suddenly appears on a browser or a webpage with a small screen size. In order to get people's attention to increase conversion or generate leads faster, this method is suitable.

vii. Contextual ads - Contextual ads are a targeted advertisement that appears on content in between them with rich media, videos, infographics, links, etc. This method of contextual ad monetization will increase ad revenue of the website without worrying about the placement of ads.

If you are looking to monetize your website, so here are the Amazing publisher ad-networks you can look below.


Google Adsense

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Among many 100's of publisher ad networks, the first thing that pops up on people's minds is Google Adsense to monetize their website revenue. Why because? Google has built a strong reputation globally and the monetization strategy became a huge success, Google Adsense is not just a huge but also the world largest ad publisher network. So no publisher can stand against the Adsense when it is compared to individual websites monetization and revenue.

Google Adsense provides a great opportunity for both webmasters and site owners to earn a decent source of income. All the ads from google ad network will be high quality and no spammy or phishy ads, it's all about safety, security, and high transparency between advertisers and publishers. Each publisher can choose different types of ads on their website such as text, Html ads, display ads, video ads, native ads, interstitials, and much more.

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Google charges advertisers most of CPM or CPC or CPA model basis, they pay 68% of ad revenue for display ads to the publishers.

Model: CPC, CPM, CPA


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According to market cap, they are one of the top five publisher ad networks worldwide. In the contextual ad business by the revenue, it is 2nd largest. They manage high-end publisher networks of nearly over 500k websites with a global level ad serving technology and reliable ad supply.

It also serves ads from yahoo and Bing contextual ad networks from local to global advertisers ensuring a 100% fill rate with all types of ad formats. To generate the best CTR rates in the industry, they serve around 87.5+ billion impressions per month and are growing year on year.

The traffic distribution by ad spend mainly comes from the US, UK, CA around 95% of the market, and the rest of the world is just 5%. Based on the volume of data and transactions, the algorithm identifies the best suitable high-quality ads that match both advertisers and publisher's demand to get better ROI for advertisers and big revenue for publishers.

Model: CPC, CPM, CPA



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When you compare Adsense and, the ads model runs completely different from the above two publishers. According to the Infolinks website, it is the 3rd largest publisher marketplace with around 100k+ websites, 240M monthly unique users, and 1.5B monthly ad views.

To register as a publisher, just fill up the registration form and place the integration code, within a few days the publisher team will review the application and approve if it meets the publisher ad guidelines. They do not charge any registration fees or no minimum page view requirement for publisher websites. Once approved, you just need to customize the ads without worrying about ad code placement, the system automatically places the ads to monetize the revenue.

Infolinks provides 5 types of ad monetization strategies that are intext, infold, intag, inframe, and inarticle. Just customize the ads whichever you want, for better ad monetization strategy apply all the ad types on your website.



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Verizon acquired both AOL and Yahoo company & merged these companies into a subsidiary called Oath Inc. It is a division of Verizon communication that completely focuses on online business and media. To maximize your income, there are multiple varieties of ad formats whether you are an app developer, omnichannel business, or video publishers.

Verizon media publisher serves over 200+ billion ad impressions per month with a total of 10+ years in experience in serving ad technology. They serve mobile ad targeting, programmatic management, inventory management, cross channel monetization, and much more.

To effectively manage all campaign types such as video, display, mobile, desktop, etc, the publisher provided advanced management features and ad serving technology in the digital advertising industry. The tools are highly efficient in solving complex technical problems, real-time data in a smooth and well-structured manner.


Epom Market

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Epom Market first started in 2011 as a technology company, they provide premium quality ad service for both publishers and advertisers. They support different sets of ad formats like native ads, video ads, banners, and rich media ads for high-quality traffic monetization sites and apps as well. This advertising company has been on a mission to help advertisers and publishers connect, deliver the right ads across multiple countries for both websites and apps.

With over 100% fill rate for both mobile and desktop devices, Epom market is becoming popular all over the world with premium ad service to keep the audience engaged based on demand and supply of ads. It can be audience optimization, audience targeting, maximum eCPM, real-time analytics for their marketing activities including launching campaigns, managing, and optimizing the campaigns.

There is an on-growing demand for content to keep the audience engaged and also revenue by monetizing with premium ads. By optimizing keywords and improving ranking, the webpage gets huge impressions. So based on eCPM rates, many impressions, and CTR the revenues are generated. With a strong publisher network, global partnership with multiple agencies, and direct contact with brands, the company will deliver a relevant ad to the publisher sites with successful ad fill rate and premium rates in the advertising industry.



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PropellerAds was founded in the year 2011 as an adtech company with an aim to provide ad marketing solutions all over the world. It is a self-serving ad platform for both publishers and advertisers to serve billions of people & deliver them the right services and products offered by companies or individuals.

PropellerAds is one of the biggest traffic sources with a reach of 1Bn+ monthly audience,70k+ monthly active campaigns, and leader of popunder traffic network, growing native advertising platform, and much more for both mobile and desktop users.

If you are looking to monetize the site and earn money, then the propeller ads are the best suitable ad network for beginners. There are endless opportunities to earn more money including the marketers, publishers, etc. They provide different ad formats such as push-notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, interstitials, and smart links.

No more complicated terms and conditions on withdrawing the amount because it is completely on autopilot and the minimum withdrawal is low as $5.


Vibrant Media

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Vibrant Media was founded in the year 2000, now it is focusing to become a global leader in contextual marketing. It is easy for advertisers to deliver the right ad for the people at the right time. With a safe environment and viewing ad across multiple devices, Vibrantmedia has reached globally 450+ million monthly unique visitors to drive premium quality ads for both advertisers and publishers and provide a great user experience.

We know that Vibrant media is a brand-safe for both advertisers and publishers for contextual advertising. We provide different ad formats like Vibrant InArticle, Vibrant InImage, Vibrant Programmatic to increase revenue with a sustainable ad model, directly connected to publishers, achieving a high growth rate for the long term.

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For beginners and professionals, Vibrant Media is a good option to launch successful ad campaigns or place an ad on your site to increase revenue.



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Conversant provides premium high-quality ads for advertisers with one to one connection. For the past 20 years, the ad company has been trying to be a leader in the digital marketing space with the demand, supply, transparency, and control between managing the right ads between advertisers and publishers. In case if you are monetizing the site or app, the dashboard will provide complete insights of the revenue earnings.

With a 96% accuracy and industry-leading brands, the advertiser can connect to the publisher by triggering a right ad that is relevant to the content, and similarly for publishers were able to increase the income. When compared to direct sales and other offline sales, the average return is 10X on very cheap ad spend. So join our network now and grow your business.



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Adcash was first started in 2007 and founded by a team of French entrepreneurs, today it is now the biggest game-changer in the online advertising industry. Currently, Adcash supports 5 different ad formats like push-notifications, pop-under, Interstitial, Native, and banner ads which help to increase revenue for the publisher sites. We provide the best performing ads for the publishers and one of the self-serving platforms to reach your revenue goals.

With 12+ years of advanced ad technology, we are currently serving the ads in 196 countries and 200+ Million unique users per day. The people at adcash are very talented and have a strong vision to create the best ad tools for both publishers and advertisers. So this makes ads accessible to every business to grow their revenue by connecting to their potential clients.


List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (10) is one of the coolest ad networks in the online industry because you can manage all your ad campaigns in a single platform like google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads, twitter ads, Snap ads manager, Kenshoo and much more platform by making your job much simpler and easier.

If you do not know how to set up and develop, the company offers a solution from strategy to execution from the team of well-qualified experts across all media channels. The company also offers different products like programmatic advertising, native, display, mobile, Connected Tv, and audio advertising for publishers and advertisers as well.

But if you are looking for a solution to transform your business, Centro has a solution called "Basis" which deals with Demand Side Platform, Collaboration & Messaging, Universal Reporting and Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Basis Assistant to grow your business. If you have any queries just send a mail regarding your business growth.



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BuySellAds was founded in 2008 in Boston Massachusetts to serve a unique solution to both advertisers and publishers. Do you know something? The first customer of was none other than the founder itself because he saw how unfair in the world of digital advertising for publishers. It was very difficult for publishers to monetize their site and grow the website. So he was on a mission to build a great monetization tool, then was established.

By developing a unique transparent relationship between publishers and advertisers, a marketplace system was developed to control most of the revenue decisions made by the publishers. Till now we have around 1200+ publishers, 4500+ advertisers, through sponsored content, native, display, email, etc.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (12)

Adblade was launched in January 2008, the primary focus of this platform to allow multiple ad units and premium ads for both publishers and advertisers to run a successful business. According to Quantcast and ComScore, Adblade is recognized in the top 25 advertising platforms. With innovative content ads, you can reach around 300+ monthly unique users from top branded publisher websites and also assure the highest brand safety.

It can scale from top-tier publishers with attractive ad-units and other unique features in the platform, these will help boost their brand as well as confidence on the platform to new heights within a short period of time. If your website is getting good quality traffic, Adblade is an amazing solution for advertisers, agencies, and top brands to get better ROI.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (13)

RevenueHits was started in 2008. In the last 12 years, many publishers became successful in monetizing the website. Currently, Revenuehits has around 20k+ publishers all over the world. In the ad space, the AI Ad technology will display most relevant ads to the publisher sites thus increasing revenue and helping you achieve the goal.

By minimum effort, you can monetize your website with RevenueHits and start earning money. The company has partnered with many advertising networks to reach publishers and serve the ads faster with more relevance to the niche topic If you sign-up as publishers, you can monetize with 9 ad formats such as display banners, pop-under, In page push, Button, Footer, Floating banner, shadow box, slider, and dialog. Many publishers found this platform is amazing and shared their success stories with the company.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (14)

Outbrain was founded in 2006 by two members Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav as a native advertising platform. In this ad-space, they will display an article or product that shows as a page by redirecting to the site that they targeted too. They discover new things by 290B+ everything to serve the ads in the relevant niche space.

This advertising platform helps you promote your brand, build awareness, increase clicks, decrease in bounce rate by a large number, drive performance-based goals, and grow their audience. When you compare native ads over banners, many consumers click native ads quite often which has higher engagement and increases stay time by 3x times.

They display ads in premium publisher sites which means they choose only quality sites so that advertisers can reach a vast number of audiences within a short period of time. If your website gets a huge amount of traffic, then the outbrain would be the right choice for you.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (15)

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Taboola was founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda, slowly started a partnership between advertisers and publishers in 2012. As we know outbrain and taboola are the best native ad platforms in the world. But in 2019, taboola was merged with outbrain and therefore the operations are running under the taboola brand.

Currently, they are having 10k+ premium publishers and brands, serving 1.4B+ users a month. If the website traffic is huge, then you may qualify for taboola premium publishers and thus turn your site into monetization opportunities to earn a good income. To provide what is relevant, informative, interesting to your audience then this advertising platform is the right choice for you. If you want to promote a brand and increase shares on social media, choose the flexible ad creatives which will increase pageviews faster.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (16)

Revcontent was founded in 2013. So after outbrain and taboola, the next ad platform that comes to our mind for native advertising is Revcontent. If the publishers are looking for revenue growth, Revcontent helps to build a unique brand relationship and connecting them with the right advertisers, you can see amazing results in less time.

Many media partners, companies, agencies, and individual advertisers are building their brands by getting traffic through various ad types like lead generation, app downloads, brand awareness, e-commerce, editorial, and search. They provide robust campaign management tools for advertisers to run & successfully manage their ad campaigns more effectively with real-time stats. If you are either looking to monetize your site or to build a successful brand, then sign-up to our ad network immediately and grow your business.


Ad Recover

List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (17)

AdRecover is a part of the Adpushup network, it was started in 2014. The purpose of this platform is to enable non-intrusive ads to all AdBlock users. This allows users to optimize AdBlock units on publisher sites, we have also done A/B testing to know the prototype of the ad technology and found success which resulted in double-digit revenue growth for publisher sites.

If you want to monetize an ad that is being lost due to Adblock, then Adrecover is the perfect solution to recover the lost impression and grow website revenue by perfectly blending UX design and ad monetization practices. It just takes 5 minutes to integrate the code on publisher websites, all publishers should comply with high UX standards, visitors friendly, not obtrusive, and zero-tolerance to the users.


Propel Media

List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (18)

Propel Media was founded in 2006, the ad platform offers an ad marketplace that connects marketers and unique audiences with real-time technology. It is recognized as a trusted partner for a growing number of publishers and advertiser clients. In the digital world, most of the monetization techniques come from contextual advertising technology and ad inventory through purchased space from the publisher sites.

For an outstanding ROI, Propel media provides innovative ad products to serve relevant ads to publishers that drive user experience, traffic, and performance of ads across all platforms. To increase revenue, the platform offers 3 types of ad formats like Lightbox, Push ad, and New tab. With an impressive premium advertisers portfolio and 10 years of industry experience, we serve content relevant ads to publishers so that the publishers can lift revenue based on the site traffic.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (19)

Adsterra was founded in 2013 and it is a premium advertising network that serves more than 25 billion ad impressions per month. The core values of Adsterra is trust, passion, creativity, innovation, and reliability. This ad network provides different ad formats to monetize the site and mobile versions are display banners, popunders, direct links, pre-roll video, push notifications, and interstitials ads.

With our modern optimization technology, we make it creative and unique for publishers to target the right relevant ads, create brand awareness locally and globally, Improve ad revenue, etc. Joining the Adsterra publisher network is simple and easy, just signup, place the code, and once approved there is the ad revenue. With a 100% fill rate, highest CPM, safe ads, and effective ad formats to monetize your site or mobile app.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (20)

BidVertiser was started in 2003 and there was a challenge for website owners who were looking to sell their ad space to advertisers due to disadvantages of automated systems and many approval processes. The In-house team worked very hard to bring ad technology to clients that serve the needs of publishers, and rapidly grow the website revenue. Till today bidvertiser is serving around 80k publishers all around the globe.

Currently, the BidVertiser supports various ad formats for both desktop and mobile such as Native ads, push notifications, direct navigation, Pop under, and XML. This ad platform is entirely made for you to provide quality ads, transparency, targeted and automatic optimization. We guarantee zero tolerance for failure of ads, top-notch fraud detection technology, and malware-free ecosystem to the publishers and better campaign results for advertisers.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (21)

AdMaven is a self-serve ad platform, publishers can immediately register and place the code on the site. So within no time, the ads are live and you will start seeing income. AdMaven supports 4 ad types of ad forms such as Push notifications, New tab(pop), Interstitial, and banner ads. With over 10 years of experience, we see AdMaven completely innovative in digital advertising and also focuses on higher standards of user experience in displaying ads.

If your site is new or getting a vast amount of traffic, then this platform is good to go because they have 25k+ publishers and advertisers combined. We provide publishers with high eCPM rates and results in higher revenue over a long period, also building great user experience.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (22)

InMobi was started in 2007, which was founded by mkhoj. Any App developers who are looking to monetize the app, Inmobi is a perfect solution to maximize ad income. Currently, Inmobi has 3 monetization options for publishers like In-App Monetization, Mediation Platform, and Audience Bidding. So leverage your unique audience and drive revenue by maximizing inventory ad space.

The InMobi Mediation Platform, which is powered by AerServ, brings simultaneous auctions to mobile apps. Due to multiple demand sources, maximize your ad revenue with a unified auction on mobile apps. Inmobi is the best platform for app developers which maintains higher standards for both user and ad experience. Choose the best suitable ad formats like rich media, native ad units, and video ads from the Inmobi ad platform.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (23)

SmartyAds was started in 2013 and founded by Ivan Guzenko, it is a media buying technology integrated with best partners. Simply it is a global full-stack ad platform for publishers, advertisers, and other ad partners. Just choose SmartyAds SSP to maximize advertising revenue directly for both website owners and app developers.

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SmartyAds SSP provides complete control of ad inventory and full transparency to publishers so that they can sell their ad space to premium advertisers at the marketplace, also monetize inventory via RTB auctions, and get ads at competitive rates with advanced programmatic AI technology.

For mobile apps to monetize, use our Smartyads SDK which is a flexible solution for publishers to sell their mobile ad space with rich media ads, which is especially focused on mobile app monetization and take your mobile revenue to the next level. For more information on other monetization techniques, visit the SmartyAds platform now.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (24)

PopAds, the name itself tells that the ads appear popup on the webpage. When it comes to industry paying rates, PopAds is one of them specialized in the popup category. Based on the minimum bid of advertisers, you can choose to serve ads like video ads, music, or banner image popup/popunder ads.

The ad network provides international coverage that covers more than 40+ countries like North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, Australia, and much more. So if you get 1000 US visitors, the average CPM rate will be around $4 or more. Once it reaches the threshold, we will transfer the payment to Paypal, Alertpay, and wire transfer.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (25)

ClickAdu is a premium ad network, With the help of this platform both advertisers and publishers can use to maximize their earnings. ClickAdu supports a wide range of ad formats for publishers like Popunder, Instant text message, Push notification, Video Ads, and Skim. Currently, they have 15k+ active advertisers, 2000+ publishers, and 2B+ daily impressions with high eCPM rates over 240 countries and also 100% fill rates.

This is a self-serve ad platform, user-friendly, and covers 360-degree ads to maximize your revenue. For payments transfer, they support a wide range of payment services like PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, and Paxum. If you have any queries regarding payments or publisher ads, there is an excellent Qualified support team to help you via email, Skype, and a ticketing system.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (26)

Hilltopads was started in 2014, where it offers higher eCPMs rates in the industry so the publishers can monetize websites to get higher revenue. It is a global advertising network that works under the combination of smart technology solutions and custom approaches to help small online businesses, advertisers, brands, and other marketers.

In the new trends of digital advertising, hilltopads provide ad formats that suit market standards i.e Push Notifications, Video Ads, Native Ads, Pops, Direct Links, and Display Banners. It is now 30% more easier to monetize than other monetization techniques. We offer a unique ad server solution to the publishers and also track down any malicious code and removes it from our ad server. Our technology identifies any ads blocked by users or website owners will immediately trigger and inform the users why our ads are important. This will make them enable the ad on-site and the publisher sites make more income.



List of Top 27 High Paying Publishers ads Network in the World | Cool SEO Tools (27)

Traffic force is a state of the art technology which supports supply-side platforms, to get direct traffic we are connected to 100 demand-side partners all over the globe to increase your revenue and also increase the conversion rate for advertisers. TrafficForce supports ads with easy and immediate access to publishers, advertisers, app developers, and marketers; So with just a few clicks, you can buy and sell premium worldwide traffic.

Currently, trafficforce supports these ad formats like Pre-Roll In-Stream Video, Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Video Slider, Video Banners, In-Video Banner, Large Footer, Push Notifications, and much more. All ads are completely safe and malicious free on our ad network and also ensure SSL security. You just focus on optimizing web or mobile traffic, so that you can earn more consistently over a long period, all the stats are updated in real-time. For more information, visit our site and stay with our revolutionary ad platform.


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