Thank You Cards | Custom Photos & Personalized Designs (2023)

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Our vast assortment of thank you notes have all been designed by independent artists from around the world. One hundred countries and growing in fact! Through design contests regularly hosted on our website, we are able to collect some of the most unique designs you will find from every corner of the world. Choose from beautiful watercolor color designs, geometric pattern work, innovative word art, hand-drawn floral displays, and other creative design techniques. Send a thank you card that is not just a piece of stationery, but a work of art!

Our fold-over cards can be ordered in a landscape or portrait orientation. The four surfaces of the card (front, inside panels, and back) allow for plenty of room to craft a personal message of appreciation to each recipient. We also offer flat cards sized at 5.5” x 4.25” and priced at $1.76 each for an order of 45 cards. As you increase the quantity of your order, the price per card will decrease.

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There are numerous events throughout life that warrant a heartfelt thank you. For example, your closest friends and family may travel hundreds or thousands of miles to watch you graduate or get married. Loved ones may send you baby shower gifts to welcome your first child. Whatever notice of gratitude you wish to send, Minted is here to help convey your message in a chic, up-leveled manner. Below we have highlighted some of our most popular types of thank you notes for different meaningful occasions.

Wedding: Minted’s collection of wedding-themed thank you cards span a wide variety of styles to match all wedding types. Sort through modern, botanical, rustic, bohemian, preppy, and many more design styles. For an impressive and coordinated presentation, consider matching the look of your save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank yous into one cohesive theme across all correspondence. We can help you achieve this seamless look through recommended design pairings!

Christmas: Get ahead of the game and order some holiday-themed thank you notes in early December. Then, after you unwrap presents you can easily write your Christmas thank you messages on stylish cards and put them in the post to arrive early in the New Year. Our designs feature festive imagery of reindeer, snowflakes, and holiday garland.

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Graduation: Graduations are momentous events that celebrate the completion of hard work and dedication to a certain discipline. Whether graduating from school, a trade certification, or extracurricular passion, there is a good chance you will receive accolades and possibly gifts from those close in your life. Send an appropriately themed correspondence of thanks with designs that highlight graduation gowns, hat and tassels, the year, or your smiling face as you hold your certificate.

Kid’s and Baby Events: Did your young child or baby-to-be receive presents? We all recognize that those gifts are both an appreciation for the child as well as a love for the parents. Send a thoughtful thank you note that looks like it was selected, signed, and mailed from the child themselves. Cute designs play to universally popular young themes such as dinosaurs, baby animals, mermaids, planes, trains, and automobiles. We also have a collection of baby shower thank you cards that can perfectly match the theme of your baby shower, whether that be jungle, woodland, or baby elephant!

Personalized: Why not have some stylish personalized thank you cards on hand at all times? You never know when you will receive a surprise gift or want to send an unprompted note to someone, like a healthcare worker or your mail carrier. Order professional-looking flat cards that feature your name or personal monogram alongside a unique presentation of thanks. You could even order some cards designed specifically for your small company or business. Customize the colors and fonts to match your personality.



They say a simple thank you can go a long way. Imagine what a beautiful customized thank you can do! With Minted’s easy-to-use online tools, you will be able to change colors, add custom foil text, and even add your own photo to a design. Take a look below on how you can personalize your correspondence.

  • Add a Custom Image: Depending on the occasion for your gratitude, choose to feature a themed image. From engagement pictures to newborn baby shots, a personalized photo will complement your sincere wording very appropriately. If you would rather stick with a more formal and elegant card cover void of photographs, we have plenty of modern styles available.
  • Add Custom Text: Personalize your card by adding custom text items like your name, an important date, or meaningful message like “Mahalo”, "Gracias", or “We appreciate it”. Let your recipients see that this card was custom made by you for them.
  • Change the Color Palette: Adjust each of our card designs to be printed in alternate color schemes. If you are sending a thank you note to guests that attended a party you hosted, easily match the note with the color theme seen at your party. Foil-pressed elements in gold or silver can add a touch of elegance to any note.
  • Free Recipient Address Styling: Cohesively pair the design of your card with the elements that appear on the envelope. Minted can print your recipient addresses in a styling of your choice, including one that matches the font, color, and pattern techniques found on your thank you cards.
  • Custom Envelopes: Most stationery outlets that sell cards offer many options and designs, but once you select a card you like, you are stuck with the default envelope that accompanies that selection. With Minted, we let you choose the envelope too! Choose from colors such as white, silver, cloud blue, antique rose, and more!


What should I say in a Thank You Card? First off, don’t jump right in with “thank you”. Start the note with a nice sentiment like, “it meant so much to us that you were able to attend our wedding,” or, “it was so kind of you to think of me on my birthday!” Next, be sure to name the actual gift you received and explain how you intend to use it. For example, “Thank you for the beautiful salad bowl set. We will be hosting a dinner party next month and can’t wait to use them with our guests.” When you explain how you will be using the gift, it reassures the gift-giver that they did indeed give a great present. You can choose to conclude with a personal comment about how you look forward to seeing the person at a particular upcoming event or reflect on a memory you recently shared with the individual. This shows that you not only appreciate their gift but also appreciate them being in your life.

How do you say thank you for a cash gift?If you received a check or cash as a gift, write the note as you would for any other present. There is no need to mention the dollar amount, but do say what you intend to put the money towards.

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How Do You Write a Good Note? Practice makes perfect. While your note doesn’t have to be long, it should be well thought out and grammatically correct. A disheveled note with words crossed out or misspelled can look rushed and ingenuine. Practice composing your words on a separate piece of paper before copying them over to your final card.

How Do You End a Thank You Card? Always end a thank you correspondence with a handwritten signature from everyone the gift was given to. Here are some common ways to conclude your note before you sign your name:

  • “Kind regards”
  • “Thanks again!”
  • “We will think of you every time we use ____.”
  • “Many thanks”
  • “Gratefully”
  • “Sincerely”

How can you Personalize a Message of Thanks? With Minted there are many ways to add a personalized touch. Have your name, initials, monogram, or image added to the design of your card. If you are brainstorming ways to send a personal message, try and think of memories you have shared with the recipient and write about a fond anecdote. Again, thank them for the gift they gave or for attending an event and explain what it means to you.

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When Should They be Sent? Thank you cards should be sent within two weeks of receiving a gift. There are some instances when this rule may not be as strict, such as after a wedding (when a couple may go on a honeymoon) or after Christmas when people may be traveling or spending close time with family members.

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