Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (2023)

Are you looking for a ShutterFly alternative that has an extensive library of ready-made photo book templates, backgrounds, stickers and provides the opportunity to create an exclusive album?

Below, I have listed the programs using which you can quickly and cheaply print your work, perform manual settings for the host and page sizes, as well as make changes immediately before printing.

Creating a photo album based on ready-made templates is an easy job, but it requires purchasing templates or special software. ShutterFly can provide you with such services but for a fee. It may be too expensive for some people, so they are eager to find a decent ShutterFly alternative.

Top 3 ShutterFly Alternatives:

These ShutterFly alternative programs will help you create personalized photo books, small albums based on ready-made templates, as well as print on canvas with different photo sizes. Simple tools and affordable prices will allow you to create amazing works and admire them.

Also, the Article Considers:

  • Lovely template albums: My Scrapnook
  • Best for macOS: PrestoPhoto
  • Fast print on canvas: Easy Canvas Prints
  • Creation of personal photobooks: Costco Photo Center
  • Unlimited file size: Photoshelter

1. MyCanvas

MyCanvas is a very useful and powerful online printing solution. The software can be used to create full color banners, direct mail campaigns, company logos, business cards, flyers, billboards, brochures, flyers, booklets, newsletters, catalogs, and so much more.

MyCanvas was created by the worlds best advertising company, Agengy. Agengy believes in the use of high technology to advertise effectively. Most people use computers to browse the Internet, which is where MyCanvas comes in.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (1)


  • Offers contact information availability
  • 1000+ ready-made templates
  • Offers social media presence


  • Not found

Many people do not realize how valuable a MyCanvas, or how much they can save by using MyCanvas to print their advertising materials. If you are a small business, or a new small business trying to get the recognition that you deserve, then you should try MyCanvas.

This software program can help you save hundreds of dollars per year, and you can use MyCanvas to print anything from business cards to custom business cards, invitations, flyers, and any other printable material you need.

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2. Mixbook

Mixbook is popular photo album software. If you wish to create something really special, it is a dream come true to work with this software. And the quality that you receive back from it is amazing, without needing to spend a lot of money.

You can make your very own personalized photo books using this program that are as good as any professionally made books and at a fraction of the cost. With Mixbook, your photos are something unique and the finished product is something that will amaze and captivate your friends and family.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (2)


  • Lovely printed book, calendar and card
  • Multiple editing and customizing options
  • Easy design process
  • Easy design process


  • Weak event management for calendars

If you love to take pictures and share them with the world but are worried that they might not look as good as you would like them to when printed out, you don't have to worry about that any more.

The high quality that you are able to achieve with the help of the professional tools that are included in the Mixbook software will amaze you. This will allow you to print out all of your pictures at home, without worrying about losing quality in the process.

3. Picaboo

Picaboo is an online digital publishing and photo printing software based in Hanover, New Hampshire; its unique service combines affordability with convenience. Users can simply upload their favorite photos to Picaboo and generate a range of high quality photo products using the in-built Picaboo software.

The program allows users to edit, crop and rotate pictures easily. Moreover, the Picaboo program supports a wide range of picture formats, and hence, allows the user to generate professional-looking results.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (3)


  • Versatile, flexible, creative software
  • Attractive fully editable templates
  • Range of sizes to choose from


  • Inaccurate colors on cover
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However, Picaboo takes care of all these intricate details by analyzing color tone, contrast and other image parameters using the unique color-field analysis technique. The software offers an unprecedented user experience due to the user-friendly interface it provides.

Further, the software provides a powerful enough workflow feature to enable photographers to save time and effort while generating stunning results. The program is compatible with most modern cameras including Nikon, Canon, Kodak and Fuji.

4. My Scrapnook

For anyone who has been doing any scrapbooking or designing for that matter, I'm sure they've run into the My Scrapnook application. In fact, this program is so popular with scrapbookers that it's actually been referred to as the "Yahoo of scrapbooking."

My Scrapnook is a very user-friendly program that takes scrapbooking from the garage to a stylish and professional arena. I think most scrapbookers will agree that having the ability to easily organize and search various photographs and other files can make a world of difference in how much time and effort they save.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (4)


  • Generous searchable libraries of great backgrounds, templates, layouts and clip art
  • Easy to use
  • Recurring discounts and offers


  • Fringing on cover

If you haven't heard, My Scrapnook is a stand alone scrapbooking software that is available on the Apple iBookstore. While it is relatively new and can be a little bit costly at first, the quality of the software has been widely praised by both scrapbook enthusiasts and Apple users.

The reason why this software is so well liked by both of us is because it includes everything you need to get started with scrapbooking right in one place. It includes templates for all of your journaling tasks, making the process of scrapbooking much simpler for beginners.

5. PrestoPhoto

PrestoPhoto is a new software program from Presto Photography, the professional photographers trust their work to this brand because Prestophoto is recognized as one of the leading software brands in the market these days.

Prestophoto uses a powerful and well researched technology, in the form of Silverlight technology. The most important feature of Presto Photos software is its capability to handle all kinds of picture editing needs.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (5)

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  • Widest selection of sizes
  • More affordable compared to competition
  • Extremely cost-friendly pricing


  • Slow, frustrating editor
  • Virtually no discounts

The key selling point of the Presto Photo software is the fact that it can be used both for photo restoration and photo editing. Since it contains Silverlight technology, editing your photos using Prestophoto is easy and hassle free.

It is because Presto Photography uses some advanced techniques to edit your photos such as photo restoration and photo editing. The special Silverlight tool is what allows Presto Photography to fix such problems as red eye, background blur, uneven lighting and many more.

6. Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints offers many features and benefits that are not available with other software programs. Easy Canvas Prints is a complete printing solution for busy graphic designers, hobbyists, and small businesses.

It can be downloaded from the official website for free, and it comes with over 90 templates. These templates allow you to make changes, revise them, and print on-demand. You do not have to worry about a third party interfering with your printing process, because Easy Canvas Prints runs in the background, or it will automatically start printing once you rebooted the computer.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (6)


  • Over 1000 themes
  • Decent photo print quality
  • You can sell your photo books and photography on their website


  • Confusing pricing

Most people who decide to use the program have found that they are more satisfied with the results. The program does not change much between different software versions. This means that the same template can be used repeatedly, if you want to.

ou do not have to worry about losing the original artwork when switching software, since you can just use the same copy that you have. Overall, Easy Canvas Prints is easy to use, fast, and provides high quality prints that will astound your friends and family.

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7. Costco Photo Center

One of the coolest features of the Costco Photo Center is its ability to store, search and edit your digital photos. I had been a huge fan of the Costco Photo Center ever since I purchased it when I moved toornia and now it is even more important for me to have this software because I take so many pictures at Costco and really need all of them organized. I use the software to organize my albums, create borders around pictures and to find old photos that I may have forgotten about.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (7)


  • Wide array of products and services
  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality prints and photo products


  • Cheap book production
  • Must have a Costco membership

The software comes with tons of features including the ability to search for images by keyword and the ability to create albums based on keywords or keyword groups.

The program also allows you to search for pictures based on different subjects such as food, technology, hobbies, family or football and much more. You can also do an unlimited number of searches and store up to 100 pictures in the program. There is also the option to export your pictures either through the built in file manager or through external programs.

8. Photoshelter

Photoshelter is a great tool for organizing your digital photos. It can keep track of all your albums and helps you organize them in the way that you like.

It allows you to create multiple backup copies of any image and create multiple version of each one. You can also see and search for keywords, dates, or keywords within your albums. It is a simple to use photo organizer that anyone can utilize.

Top 8 ShutterFly Alternatives in 2023 (8)


  • Particularly good prices on photo cards
  • Impressive variety of photo print sizes
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • No photo upload from social media

Even though there are many programs to choose from, Photoshelter is still the best one for what you need it for. You can even back up and restore your files with the program. That is why Photoshelter is my choice as the best digital photo organizer. Check out the website below for more information on Photoshelter.

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